Utah Leadership Convening

The Raise Up Utah Coalition brought together 141 community members from Salt Lake City, Ogden, and the West side. Attendees had the opportunity to collaborate on important issues in their communities. From learning how to host house meetings to learning how to talk to a superintendent, the conference covered community power building. The event was a huge success, and Attendees produced 27 topics which they felt were important to the community with concerns to k-12 education. The 27 topics were narrowed down to three main topics: a High School in Glendale, building parent and student belonging in schools, and safety: mental health and violence. This convening drew on the wisdom and energy of the community members. Attendees are already meeting on their own to build momentum around these three topics. The whole group will be coming back together on August 19th with new group members joining. We hope that these meetings will help build momentum within the community for collective action on these topics.