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American Rescue Plan ESSER Funding (ESSER III) is the largest federal investment ever provided to schools.

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Utah now has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a school system that gives all of our children, no matter their zip code, race, or language, the opportunity to receive a top-tier education.

What Is ESSER?


The American Rescue Plan Act (ARP)

ARP was passed by the federal government in March 2021 with several initiatives for families including extended unemployment benefits, stimulus checks honoring mixed-status families, an increased child tax credit of $3,000-3,600 per child, and ESSER funding for schools.

$122 billion

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER)

ARP ESSER (ESSER III) is a $122 billion federal investment in schools to support the safe reopening and operations of schools as they address the vast impact of COVID-19 on students nationwide.

$615 million

Utah’s Portion of ESSER

Of the $122 billion sent to states for ARP ESSER, Utah received $615 million to support students and schools. That’s enough for 7,000 school playgrounds, 512,000 laptops, or 12 million hours of tutoring!


Find Your District’s Award Amount

To learn about your district’s initial ARP ESSER spending priorities, visit this State Department of Education website. You can also use this interactive map to learn more about how your district has spent its ESSER funds to date.

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Interactive Chart: ESSER Funding by School District